Lab Values & Culture

mountain plateau in desert with sun setting illustration

We believe a diverse, inclusive and collaborative workplace leads to greater innovation and is essential to our excellence in science. (Read more at our inclusion page). We work to foster an intellectual environment that listens to all voices, no matter the title of the person speaking or writing. We set a high bar for rigor and clear thinking, encouraging both thoughtful exploration and honest and blunt intellectual criticism. We seek and promote opportunities for professional growth, including seminars and discussions about productivity, writing, funding opportunities, and the workplace. We work to remove barriers and create opportunities to learn from one another. 

We value conveying truths about nature through beautiful language and art. We value the communities and cultures of the Colorado Plateau, because that is where we live, and because here we find models for understanding relationships between humans and the ecosystems of the world. What we learn about nature continually inspires wonder in us. But it also inspires concern, and we strive to do science that can help inform sound decisions about Earth’s ecosystems. Science communication is critical to conveying what we have learned about nature, and we believe that sharing our discoveries through compelling language and art can help extend the reach and impact of our science.